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Wheatfield with Crows

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Wheatfield with Crows, painted in July 1890, has often been claimed as the last painting of Van Gogh. The agitated brushstrokes seem to indicate the artist's imminent suicide. The crows are seen as a symbol of death. The road, punched into the field, just ends.

Wheatfield with Crows was created in one continuous burst of effort. Van Gogh's thick impasto (thickly-applied paint) reveals swaths of improvisation and the merging of still-wet brushstrokes on the densely-covered canvas.

Van Gogh - Wheatfield with Crows
Wheatfield with Crows
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Wheatfield with Crows is certainly one of Van Gogh's last paintings. It was a time when he was attempting to combine the sometimes violent expression of his own inner turmoil with the balance and integration needed to complete a painting.

Van Gogh himself offered no clues to the private meaning of this painting. Wheatfield with Crows shares the same ocher and cobalt palette and bands of color that he used in his joyous The Yellow House and might actually have symbolized for Van Gogh the "love for art and life" professed in one of his final letters to Theo.

As Van Gogh said in one of his letters to Theo, "The truth is, we can only make our pictures speak."

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