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Vase of Irises
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Vase of Irises, painted in 1890, the last year of Van Gogh's life, shows a remarkable serenity and a return to his japonism style. Unlike his earlier paintings in this style, however, Vase of Irises has a cool palette and rather unexaggerated colors.

Vase of Irises has a simple background, characterized by thickly applied paint (impasto). The iris leaves are fully outlined and appear almost calligraphic in their flatness.

Van Gogh - Vase of Irises
Vase of Irises
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Vase of Irises is one of Van Gogh's many still lifes with flowers. He often remarked to Theo that he found these paintings soothing and healing. Van Gogh was so successful in this case that a viewer of Vase of Irises can practically feel his blood-pressure drop.

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