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Vase with Daisies & Anemones

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Vincent van Gogh moved in with his brother Theo in Paris in March 1886. Theo, because of his connections with his gallery, knew many of the artists in Paris and was eager for Vincent to be exposed to them. Vincent began work right away in the studio of Fernand Cormon, but left after only a few months, declaring that he felt more "himself".

In Paris, Van Gogh painted many still-lifes of flowers. His works were influenced by the Impressionists, including Monet, who were active in Paris at the time, and by the fact that money was tight and he when he was painting flowers he didn't need to pay for a model.

Van Gogh - Vase with Daisies & Anemones
Vase with Daisies & Anemones
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Vase with Daisies & Anemones is characteristic of Van Gogh in the hatchwork of the background and the ennervated colors. The yellow of the daisies is paired with the blue vase and the two complementary colors enhance the liveliness of the bouquet.

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