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Sower with the Setting Sun

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Sower with the Setting Sun was painted in 1888. In June of this year, Vincent van Gogh headed for the south of France at the beach. He hoped to make his drawing technique looser and more spontaneous.

Van Gogh had imagined that the light of the South would be more harmonious with his style of painting—that the intensity would match his heightened colors. His trip confirmed this idea.

Van Gogh - Sower with the Setting Sun
Sower with the Setting Sun
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Sower with the Setting Sun marks the completed transformation of Van Gogh's art. Van Gogh is no longer even a tentative Impressionist. His own technique and vision take over his art. From this point on, Vincent van Gogh's characteristic thick impasto, graphic brushstrokes and exaggerated, intense colors are clearly recognizable in all his work.

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